How to Get a Website for Your Business

Every business that is growing or has an elaborate marketing plan must recognize, not only the importance of having website, but also having a dynamic website that is well optimized for the Search Engines. Therefore weather you're building your website from scratch or redesigning, certain factors are important to consider in-order to build a successful website. Some of the main objectives to consider during this process include but not limited to:

1. Identifying your goals

The first step is to establish your goals - are you selling products or services; supporting an advertising campaign; to get new customers through internet marketing or are you intending to provide information to your customers and prospects. The goals vary from business to business, but setting out your goals helps you to establish a positive campaign for you business. A web designer may be good at what they do, but without a clear road map the campaign is set to fail if not achieve the main objectives.

2. Gather information

The second step is to gather information, all information that is relevant for the campaign. Some web designers will provide a questionnaire that will help you to gather the required information that supports your goals. For example you may have a big collection of products in your store and these products have to be classified into different categories in your shopping cart application.

In these case you need an experienced web design company that ca assist you build a reliable shopping cart application and content management system that will enable you to manage content of your website when the website is fully developed.

3. Research designs and competition

A good place to start is to look at what your competition is doing. Compare what your competitors are offering and in what way then come up with your own unique offering. A good web designer will be able to create a unique website, a custom solution that suite your specific needs. A good web design consider a number of factors that will improve the user experience and these include:

    User Experience
    General Appearance
    Navigation systems
    Content Relevancy
    Search Engine Optimization
    Reliable Web Hosting

4. Development and Support

During the period of construction it is important to maintain contact with your web designer. This will ensure that the project is on track and any additions to the project will be implemented before the project is deemed complete, as some changes, if provided late into the web development process, may adversely affect the outcome of the project.

After sale service is important to consider because some business owners may not be tech savvy. Therefore it is important to consider if your web design company is going to offer you training on how to maintain your website or if they have a regular maintenance service.

Article Source: Lewis Ongeri


  1. This is such a good read! Understanding the points elaborated here will definitely help business owners and online marketers to make a website for their businesses. Since online marketing is one of the marketing strategies that is considered effective nowadays, having a properly developed website that answers your business goals and flexible to changes will surely give your business a premier lead.

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  2. The visitors are to be tracked frequently.. this tips really good one to follow with,,,the main benefits is to understand customer mind set..
    by ACC 290 Final Exam