Follow Basic Design Principles to Offer Quality Web Design Services

Novice web designers like to experiment too much with their designs and forget simple but essential things. When clients hire a web designer, they expect high quality and unique designs, and if you fail to meet the web design standards, they will never hire you again. Here are some of the basic things that you should remember to provide quality web design solutions.

    Remember You Have Only a Few Seconds - Web users are very impatient by nature and they won't spend more than 4 seconds to understand the topic of your website. Therefore, you should keep the layout as simple as possible and help people understand what products/services you offer.

For instance, if you are designing a furniture company's site, then give an image of a sofa on the homepage to communicate with the audience effectively.

    Guide the Users - Web users scan a website and your design should guide their eyes to the most important parts of your site. Plan the design as if someone is entering in an unknown house and you need to guide him.

The first time visitors will notice header area as soon as they will land on your website. Therefore, give the website's name in the header and place menu bar just below it. Then attract the viewers' attention to the content area using different fonts and colors. This way, you can make the website design user-friendly and decrease bounce rate.

    Top Left Corner Is More Visible - Due to our left to right book reading habit, most people start checking a website from the top left corner. Hence, you should put the most important elements at the top left corner of a site. Place the corporate logo, slogan etc. in that area to establish your brand image faster.

    Learn What Users Ignore - Users avoid advertisements completely. So, you should not design anything in a website that looks like a banner ad. Besides that, make sure that your content in broken into small paragraphs, because web users avoid reading long text paragraphs as well.

    Sometimes Text Is More Powerful than Graphics - If you want to deliver a marketing message and attract your target audience, then try using text, not images. A slogan or a catch line is more effective than graphics and boosts your business rapidly. For instance, YouTube uses a catch line "broadcast yourself." Can any image describe the service of YouTube better than this line?

    Format Text - For better readability; format the text content in your site. Use headlines, sub headings, bullet points and numbered list to help readers read your articles comfortably.

    Flash Is Not Scary - Some web designers try to avoid Flash website design because they think that Flash is not SEO friendly. If you design a site entirely on Flash, then search engines can't crawl it properly, but if you add some Flash elements in a HTML website, it does not hurt your website's search engine ranking.

    Use High Resolution, Web Friendly Image Formats - Always use high-resolution, web friendly image formats in your web design. When web users buy a product online, they can't touch it. Therefore, the images should convince them that the quality of those products is really good.

As a designer, you may want to add several elements in the layout, but instead of packing the layout with unnecessary elements, leave white space to give the site an elegant look. Practice the aforementioned design principles and soon clients will start appreciating your work.

Article Source: Sarkar Amit Kumar


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